Thursday, May 24, 2007

There is method to this madness
like the sane in-sane
there is love in bondage
a tortured refrain

Does the heart yearn or the soul
Is life so prosaic
From moment to moment we pose
Like some ritual archaic

Love must be the answer
An accentuated heartbeat no less
Lust must be the cancer
That eats and feeds and lives...


The Traveller said...

life is a deception of all that u n i thought. it turned out to be what u n i feared. life seems like a standstill when all u can do is find urself in a whrlwind.
life oh life. when am i gonna live it.


Coo said...

aaah!! now i get what that mysterious message was about!

Keeya said...

Keep up the good work.