Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why Blog when you

I should have started this blog ages ago. It should have been born four years back when I actually moved to Bombay. My life had all the spice that your average blog needs back then. Sex, drama, loathing, passion, intellectual stimulation and most hallowed – Angst. Right now there is nothing – zilch. Why blog then? Well in truth, dare I say in sooth, life has slowed down. Slowed down so fast. And the book that has been churning in my belly, rising up and down like ugly bile and getting caught in my throat like an uncomfortable lump, simply refuses to pour itself out onto a blank screen. And that’s why I blog. Blog in the hope that no one will read this, in the hope that everyone will and I’ll get a corpulent signing amount from Faber& Faber, in the hope that this new angst – the kind where the city has got to you so much that you don’t recognize yourself anymore because you’re so besotted with it you cant see right from wrong, this angst…finds its peace. Amen

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DD said...

welcome welcome! about time i say...and so far...good going! may there be many more postings...peace n god bless! ;)