Thursday, June 28, 2007


Loneliness breeds like rabbits in this city. No, maybe Rats would be a better comparison. Yes. Like Rats. It leaves you gnawing and groveling in the garbage of your mind. Is it any wonder then that a girl left to her own devices with a large(ish) house; turns to a world of virtual reality? Not the Xbox kind (which btw DOES NOT WORK in the landmark in Infinity mall, its not that I didn’t know how to play the goddamn thing), but the Season 1-3 of Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage, Prison Break, LOST, 24, Nip Tuck and the Little Britain kind.

And it’s a lovely world really. Last week I floated around my home and some random meetings thinking I was ‘E’ from Entourage, all busynessy and Jerry Maguiresque. I dressed up all high heels and black and white and slapped my clam shell hard after every phone call. The fact that my real job is also rather Maguiresque helped. Immensely. Picture a line of coke followed by iodex on bread. The first too expensive and imaginary and the second hommade and real and bingo!

This week has also been rather fun. At best friend (who doesn’t read this blog’s) birthday party that took place at my place, I flitted around all thin lipped and sighing at the end of every sentence like Meredith from Grey’s (though after two vodka’s vile, cynical me took over). But the surgeon in me was back all of today as I kept taking work calls in between season 3. I immediately switched to Meredith/Christina (surprising never Izzy) mode. Thank god for space bar = pause function on laptop.

Just finished whatever I had of Grey’s today and I feel so empty. Like my difibrulator thingy was cut off. So amputated. Phantom limb and all.

(and for all you saps still stuck in season two - Meredith decides to date McDreamy and Fin and then she settles on McDreamy (big surprise there), Addison and Derek get divorced, O’Malleys father is admitted with coronary something and the whole hospital finds out about Burke who has a tremor in his hand but keeps conducting operations with Christina’s help, and Izzy and Kerev get back together. So there!)

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Anonymous said...

i am assuming that u are recommending the greys's and you know the state we are in , so i think we will pause at that is kind of universal ..infact i like how burke just completely behaves like love struck as he essays his nervousness to christina before the big surgery...