Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meet me in Cognito baby..

Oh I don’t want to be me right now. I sit on two pieces of my heart that I will have to give up in a week. A house that gave me a sense of myself. That is the most impractical dysfunctional place on this mad earth…but that I love…because it had the one thing all other houses I saw lacked – Soul. And a work place that is suddenly a cottage of ‘perpetual succour’, an errant sibling that you can’t help but love unconditionally.

I want to not exist…… to not make these decisions…I want to go… in..cognito

Meet me in Cognito baby
In Cognito we’ll have nothing to hide
Let’s go in Cognito honey
And let the world believe that we’ve died.

Meet me in Cognito baby
There are no decisions taken there
The best thing about life in Cognito baby
Is that everybody’s nobody there.

If you won’t meet me in Cognito
Baby, I’m apt to go out of my head
But if you really cant handle incognito baby
Meet me in Absentia instead….(sigh)


chitgo said...

did you write this in cognito bit?

what's been up?

Coo said...

No no i didnt... but my favorite author TOm Robbins did. was perfect for the occasion...which as you might have guessed is that Im putting in my papers...wah!