Wednesday, October 3, 2007

So long and thanks for all the fish!

What a week it has been. I’m usually not one for a regular blog update, but something has to be said for the past week. It has been my last week at the job. A week of goodbyes and wah I’m leaving and things aren’t going to be the same anymore and if you don’t keep in touch I’ll kill you’s. There were moments when I thought I was utterly mad to be leaving. And there were moments when I was certain I’d made the right decision.

As I sit at home today, typing what will be my last entry on the ‘official’ laptop, I was expecting to be depressed, going through withdrawal and yes, feeling all la douleur exquise about a certain something. Instead I feel strangely light. Like a huge weight has been lifted. Even my trusty facebook tarotscope gave me the card of Death. The end and the beginning.

Apart from the theoretical moroseness of ‘the end’ though, the week has been anything but. Alcohol induced euphoria and the druggedness of sleep deprivation has ensured that it will be a week to remember. Of five girls sharing a room and going mad and having a blast and ya ya sisterhood of the borrowing pants! Of a really exciting event well done, not to mention the eye strain all the lovely lean (and so horny) white men have caused us! (Whoever said white men can’t jump should have his head examined yeah?). Of inspiring and touching good bye speeches to yours truly (Thank you!). And of a group of people I will miss dearly ..

And finally something must be said about the fish in the lounge. Fried fish with lemon and tartar sauce to be precise. (what you thought I was talking about Douglas Adams or wot?)



chitgo said...

good bye and good luck i say!
here's to awesome reunions in the northside...

Coo said...

tanks you chitgooo. i hope you dont disappear from my comments section though!!