Monday, December 17, 2007

The Big 2 5 !

As someone who on an average doesn’t drink all that much (god promise!) it seemed inevitable then that I would proceed to get incoherently smashed. I remember the party until my third drink and since I drink very very fast, it probably hit me very very fast and I remember nothing from thence onwards.

These are the allegations made towards my behavior:

Some claimants have led me to believe that I insisted on a flaming shot, which turned out to be half a lota of neat Smirnoff. Claimants also claim that I had 3 of these (after my self poured 3 drinks)

After this I jumped around butting into conversations that 'luckily amused people' says one rather snide claimant.

After this it was midnight and cake cutting time. There was incidentally another boy whose birthday it was and claimants say I was excessively rude to this boy as I felt like he was stealing my thunder. Infact I blew out second set of candles that were lit for him. He scowled at me for rest of party. I deeply empathize with boy who shares my birthdate, but please get your own party saar!

One sober rather trustworthy claimant claims that I went over to mid level famous director and did nazar uthaaring hand motions and tweaked his moustaches. This distresses me immensely. Can never show face again.

Then another trustworthy almost not drunk flatmate claims that after I had puked and she was helping me wash up in the bathroom I opened top half of slinky dress and showed off breast pads proudly to show they hadn’t fallen off. She was just thankful I didn’t do it outside of bathroom.

After that as I sobered up, I only remember having minor heart-attacks every time the door bell rang thinking it was society chairman who lived next door standing outside with cops. I am still shocked that there have been no complaints, as party was very loud, so loud that people searching for house on main road were guided inside to house by sound only. I have new found appreciation for my society peoples.

Downsides were :

There were many cute mens who I didn’t know. But now with my ridiculous behavior I fear I have scared them off.

Slinky dress was worn thinking I won’t get drunk and will behave demurely by crossing legs, adjusting straps every two minutes etc. but am now left scared have shown peoples all I have to offer.

It was a swell birthday though. I was surrounded by my favorite people, I didn’t have any “oh he didn’t come, he didn’t call” moments of depression (because there is no him for once). Also because on the day you do finally turn 25, it makes 26 look sooo far away!!(yes yes fellow flatmate you can hate me for that but you know it's so true)


La vida Loca said...

Welcome to the other side!!

Anonymous said...

maybe this is a good plan eh? you crib and crib and it turns out fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Well having a blow out for your 25th is the only way to go considering it all goes downhill from thereon!

Pinochyo said...

Burn out..Merde,Don't fade away:-) Is your's the funny party 3 days back that the filmy friend invited me to? Sheesh..Remind me never to say no to such seemingly-flaky occasions:-)

Coo said...

@ la vida loca - thank you again! you are most positive about this growing up thing...

@anon 1 - oh you sheddup katthe marri

@anon 2- next time i'll find you a nickname promise kelvi..

@pinochyo - umm maybe.. that sounds like mine.. and 'Flaky'!! I'll let you know that it was anything but! (though i dont remember much of it)

Pinochyo said...

Stop Jumping.I said seemingly-flaky..:-)

Where's the party for your incessant commentators?

Anonymous said...

coo...incidentaly all that you cribbed just kind of added up to the pre-op( is grey's again) ..rem u almost had tears over some bitch and bastard!! but i guess all well is that ends it was...the not so falky party

Anonymous said...

who are you calling katte marri you bewdi.. i heard all about your debauchery so dont yap okay!

La vida Loca said...

Well I am 28 trust me it gets better and better :) like fine wine.

Anonymous said...

i think i might have a crush on you.

Coo said...

@pinochyo - i cant even spell the word for a while least of all throw one again..

@anon 1 - i have seen so much grey's in your absense you are going to hate me very muchly

@anon 2 - what debauchery? i didnt even get kissed y'all!!

@La vida loca- hmm well ill just have to take your word for it ;)

@last anon - umm firstly i hope you are a man. then i hope you are handsome in that sexy dirty way. then i hope you drive a maserati (as owner NOT driver), then i hope you are MIT, Cornell, IIT/IIM A graduate, then i hope you are Tam bram (so my mother likes you). ok thats enough for i think..

Pinochyo said...

IIT/ IIM? Is that the Tam Bram in you tring to confirm to the archetype, or just the hope that they"ll be far too lost in the numbers to bother abt what you"re upto?:-)

Maserati? I approve!

Where art thou debauching,come 31st?

Kismet said...

Happy Xmas Ms Coo..

Coo said...

@pinochyo - i have 3 options for the 31st, rock bottom, red light or terrace top bbq.. still deciding.

@Kismet - Marry Xmas to you too!

Pinochyo said...

Ahemm..Rockbottom is ur chance to imbibe sartorial sense from juvenile Gujju/ Sindhi kids with Neon-Bright trappings..

Redlight; If the smoke doesnt kill you, the Uber cool SoBo attitude will..

Terrace-top Bbque-Well..You tell us:-)

If you like House, u should try Grand Hyatt. Nikhil & Pearl are playing. And doesn't the press card get you free entry everywhere?

P.S.Did you hear the latest? A large bunch of loaded Americano NRIs bought the JWMarriott passes coz sum'un told'em they'll get to meet( read:feel up)Bipasha,after the party:-) I swear!

Coo said...

@Pinochyo - hmm..It's tilting towards red light, (actually it already has since ive bought passes...egad. but VIP lounge should be better yes?).
And sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not remotely a member of the erstwhile press of india..

Pinochyo said...

Ah..The corny red corner.You'll, with some luck,be treated to the annual phenomenon of several school kids almost losing their virginity in public.

Oh,as for the press card bit,the uninitiated me read "bollywood's burden bearer" as " member of the film maganize/supplement" corps.
Infact, I have been meaning to ask you if you are a co-creator of the severe umm..trash which distracts one just before the dentist's appointment.

Apologies.I'll buy you a e-drink:-)(There should be some site where you can buy ppl e-drinks, Me thinks it'll be the next google!)

Pinochyo said...

Still smashed, I presume:-)