Friday, December 14, 2007

In which you must not bother reading because this is pre-birthday depressed rambling.

"Is it the thrill of the chase?" says Meredith to McDreamy.

It doesn’t help that Mcdreamy looks so much like my Mcdreamy did. It really doesn’t. So this week, in re-plays of Season 1 DVD of Grey's that my flatmates are salivating over, I ended up reliving the very episodes that had choked me in the thick of the 'V' fiasco when I'd first seen season one about a year ago. I suddenly saw the real thing. I realised things that I’d never given much thought to before. How he'd text me incessantly. How he would follow me around like a bitch in heat, not remotely caring that everyone was starting to notice how we always gravitated to each other. How he was more happy than upset when he heard that people thought we were having a scene even before we had even hooked up. How he'd creep up on me and hold a newspaper in front of me and kiss me behind it in front of everyone. How he'd call me his princess, the light of his life, the fire of his loins, my humbert..

Men are strange creatures. Albeit smart ones. They want you, they need you, they crave you, they love you; desperately, just before and just after they fuck you. Do you know that men want to cuddle after sex more than women do? Just for those few minutes before they get up to pee, just those few minutes when they want to hold you, run their naked legs over your naked legs, kiss you in little pecks all over your face and profess undying affectation in that soft wistful way there mothers cooed to them in.

It's so simple this male way is.

Women have it all fucked up. We run away, we play hard to get, we doubt whether we really want the guy just before and after we fuck. And we really hate cuddling. But it's then that we fall in love. AFTER he leaves. And sometimes it never fades.… this love. It can go on forever. Even if many years pass on by. It never dulls with occasion. It never pales with new found reason. This love, it never dies.


La vida Loca said...

well written, well said.

Pinochyo said...

Awwch! Now where did I hear that before..:-(

The Guilty Race.