Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sanjana is cool
Sanjana is bright
Sanjana dosent care
if she's not very trite

It's Sanjana's birthday
It's her day
What the dickens!
Let us all pay
Homage to the one and true beauty
Sanjana the eternal cutie!


Pinochyo said...

Whassup Bad Poet:-)

Am headed to your hometown...after living there for the better part of my life (metaphorically)n not being there for the last 5 years..I've been warned to expect a culture shock..and not a nice one at that..:-(

And..Oh...Happy Birthday Sanjana ..WHoever you are:-)

Coo said...

hometown eh? lovely enjoy sitting in traffic all day long!

siropdevanille said...

Hey Happy Birthday to Sanjana...

Oh and Coo, I am blogrolling you... thought I'd let you know. You can also read some I-love-Delhi posts! hahaahaaa! No, I'm not trying to convert you :)

Pinochyo said...

Arghh..Blooddy theiving autos, steady drizzle all day,impossible to find houses, bommanahalli/brooklyn hip hop accented insidious call centrish youths,gold digging orphaned girl
sleeping with married men for a mere ride in their "Civics"...THIS IS PARADISE LOST!

Hows the Bhang..Coo?

Coo said...

@sirop devanille - thank you! er... what is blogrolling btw? sorry im not very proficient in blogging lingo. and i have read some 'i love delhi' typy posts through your blog!!

@pinochyo - 'bommanahalli/brooklyn hip hop accented insidious call centrish youths' hahah thats brilliant! and yeah i heard its been pouring non stop. awww

Pinochyo said...

Did I mention bars which shut at 11.15 and thousands of chinks/niggers dancing all around?

or are we politically incorrect here..??

Anyways, Adieu Bangalore..I'll come back to you Koshy's, Empire & 13th Floor...I just hope I dont have to take these roads to get there:-(