Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It’s dead weight day. When you feel like your chest has turned to lead and you simply can’t move. In fact right now I’m asking my flatmate to go to my room and get my laptop charger because I can’t get up. I’m even making her plug it in for me as we speak. She’s sweet that way. Ok today I have QUIZ for you. Please to be answering or atleast taking a shot at it. Don’t be shy. Especially people like Jemima Sanjana - this is greatest test of whether you really listen to me when I give you industry goss. You can post answers freely on comments section. Ok your time starts now.

Its guess the celebrity by intimate details quiz:

1) Business man and quite famous actress. He calls her Kooks. She calls him babes. They met at a perfume launch.
2) Secret couple. He has always been seeing her, even after marriage. He recently had a child. They had mucho good timo when they shot their last action flick in South Africa.
3) Bigger stars lesser known sibling. When big sister got bored of bonking director. She conveniently took over second hand goods and proceeded to bonk same director who much enamored granted her lead role status in recent flop (sadly).
4) His marriage is quite the farce but is painted all around town these days. News is he makes sure to bonk all hair, make up and costume dept girls while on shoot. He has baby girl whose name reminds one of shampoo brand.
5) Actor turned director with a fetish for the white womens. Appah he’s looking so hot these days. Had secret scene with white actress in one of his phillums which was just after his marriage. Also had illegitimate child with another white woman.
6) They almost got married, till he and his mother through a paid detective found out that she was a high class escort. Yes you heard the wrong reason in the papers.
7) He is fully drool worthy but not A list actor. King Khan wanted him badly and had him as part of entourage in the Temptations tour in 2006. Only insiders know about their affair. Ok I’ll give hint, he is married to older woman.
8) Business Man and quite famous actress. Coke buddies. Beware of Alzheimers!
9) These two A listers were fully seeing each other till our man went ahead and married off childhood sweetheart. They continued to see each other after his marriage till wifey told the sauten that she would rat on sautens sisters beau and ruin their to be marriage.
10) You still have to book a room for her when he is on an international shoot. And it’s been going on since the 70’s. Will they come out publicly already??!

(you can ask for hints also, but you are bright people so don’t)


mistercrowley said...

5. Yuvraj Singh?
6. Kabir Bedi.
10. The Big B and the big R...hehe

Pinochyo said...

Not Fair...We, the unconnected, cannot be expected to know all this..(except no.5) which even the child in me got..:-))

Pinochyo said...


Anonymous said...

Ay thangechi.... yein dhideernu you've become off filmy? Of the yellow-journo type, that too?

Anyway, I'd consider this better therapy for dead-weight days than those 'other' avenues you otherwise resort to. Tee Hee.

La vida Loca said...

feel better coo

Coo said...

@mister crowley - wrong wrong and right. last one is right.

@pinochyo- 5 is kerrect maccha. now just guess the rest i say!

@sister T - stop giving gyaan and answer maadi i say.

@LA vida loca - thanks! but please answer also no?


Anonymous said...

5. is Aamir Khan
10. Is Big B and Rekha

Rest are too tough man. give hints macchi.

Anonymous said...

ok lets see if i got this right..
4-Suzanne Rohans bro..cant get the name for some reason!
6-Abhishek and Kareena
8-Ness Wadia and Zinta
10-Big B and Rekha

Anonymous said...

Shoot its Abhishek and KARISHMA!

Anonymous said...

2. zayed and esha
3.S and S shetty
4. u me aur hum
5. AK
6.badi behen to tashni sister
7. arjun rampal
8.preity and ness and coke!
10.AB and her
i wonder why i am so constrained about putting their names, in some strange way, feel like i owe it to hide their crimes

Indian Rose Fashionista said...

1) Shilpa Shetty and Raj something?
5) Aamir Khan
7) Arjun Rampal
10) Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha

errrm im not very good at this, i need more hints!

La vida Loca said...

10. Big B and R
6. Kabir bedi?
7. Somehow Ashton kutcher comes to mind.

Avaladaan maa....

siropdevanille said...

Ummmm... I hardly know any answers! Wow... so much for my love of Bollywood!

Kindly reveal ze answers!

mistercrowley said...

Answers madi....
Also, this is a really good quiz. You're in the wrong profession, y'know...

Anonymous said...

1. Shilpa Shetty and that guy she's seen with everywhere....
4. Zayed Khan?
5. Amir Khan
6. Abhishek - Karishma?
7. Arjun Rampal
8. Preity - Ness Wadia
10. AB - Rekha