Monday, June 2, 2008

Thai Chlolicles

Hmm so its summer. And I’m on holiday in Thailand. Which means I should be on a beach, in a bikini, drinking a beer, ogling at cute chinky boys and feeling sad they have small penises and generally having lots of fun and getting laid with some handsome gora. Actually no, only boys come here to get laid no? But anyway a holiday is a holiday and it warrants some action. And as usual, I’m not getting any. Infact please tick box marked none of the above.

Thailand is turning out to be a bore. I went to the night market yesterday and was hugely offended by how rude they are to Indians. I had heard that they would be impatient and a bit impolite but the actual first hand treatment I received made me quite sore and disgusted and I left buying nothing. So the next day I severely curled my hair and swam in the sun enough to get a red tan and wore a short short dress and tried to look as South American or South African or whatever foreign person looks that way as is Southindianly possibly and attacked the stores. But my kanjeevaram sari, bifocal glasses wearing mother in tow was a huge give away and sadly I was treated like Indian trash again. Sigh. Friends who have sent large shopping lists, pliss don’t be upset if I come back empty handed.

In other news, It’s my sisters wedding anniversary tomorrow and my Brother In law wants to open some painfully guarded wine to celebrate, but my mother has decreed that that’s an unholy way to celebrate (what with the new baby and all). So she has decided to make some vada and payasam. After a puja at 6 am of course. Yes, that’s the general state of high life partying that occurs in this tam bram household. We’re very with it that way. I don’t really blame my poor mothers lack of enthusiasm though. The one foot long midget that is my new new 20 day old nephew has got the entire household twirled around his teeny fingers. When he’s awake we’re all awake and when he sleeps, we’re all still awake. Maybe mother has preempted us going overboard on the wine and everyone sleeping off and baby left stranded. She is wise that way.

But I am grateful to have this time off. The past 3-4 weeks were insane work wise. I’d been traveling non stop. At one point I was thinking of stashing a suitcase of clothes in the airport bathroom so that I didn’t have to lug it back and forth. I’ve also been so bleary eyed and sleep deprived that I’ve taken to staring very uncomfortably at co-passengers around me or general airport public in a bid to keep myself occupied. Gone are the days of carrying that intellectual looking book and buying a nice cuppa latte (that is monstrously expensive in airports) and sitting very smugly in a corner, preferably near some equally smug looking guy with an equally ostentatious book selection and then starting to play the eye game across the isles and waiting to see who will make the first move or praying to god you’re seated next to him on the flight.

Instead I’m usually so ‘last minute barely got up in time for the flight’ dressed and my silly new fringe seems to have a mind of its own and stands up like something about Mary, not counting that maniacal stare, that most decent people stray away from sitting next to me.

Sigh. And you thought I was bored in the last post?

P.S – if anyone living in Bangkok reads this and would like some strange but quiet company please let me know. Much Thanks.

P.P.S – I have, as I am typing only just discovered a swanky theatre online that is barely a stones throw away from where I live and that has recliner seats priced at 80 baht!!! I suddenly have new found love for the chinky peoples. Sex and the city here I come, albeit alone. Wah.


mistercrowley said...

Vada and payasam?! On a wedding anniversary?

Although I must say it brings back fond memories of hurriedly chomped-down breakfast in a hyderabad backstreet tiffin shop :D

El said...

hmm..bangkok is very whatever, (thailand=bangkok no?) but it does have night life, because when we were catching an early morning flight, the streets still had skimpy clad hookers/companions wandering about looking for one last:cough:.

and LOL on the bookish type, suppose we're all that way.

ps - am blogrolling ya.

Payal said...

haha.. hope you managed to get to SATC...
and enjoyed it too..

Vidya said...

Yea we tam brams have to begin all our celebrations around 5 am in the night!!!

Coo said...

@crowley - yus. such is life sadly.

@el - thats the problem init. no company to go out, and im still not the confident lonely planet carrying venturesome types, plus is there really anything to see hereabouts??

@payal - seeing it tomorrow!!! yay. (but still alone which is cryable because in bbay i was getting premiere passes for the june 6th premiere. waaahhh!!)

@vidya - hahha yes, though i defected and refused to get up, so there!

Pinochyo said...

AH...The prodigal daughter is back bearing large SKINS and incense for the natives...we presume?

Or did the chinks piss ya off the way they pissed me off?

shoppaholic said...

MBK is the only place to buy anything! but nothing below 200 baht, dont expect real cheapy stuff!! and check out siam paragon which has zara and a nice sea world. for really nice stuff the boutique shops are good, but expi. haffun!!

natasha said...

hahahaha...i was feeling totally low, lousy, unloved and unpampered in office today and reading ur blog has SO cheered me up...come back soon...its lonely and cold in office:(
ps u write so much better when ur away from off, is that a sign?:)...