Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh ho it’s been awhile no? What to do ma. Full works.
There’s nothing more pissing off though when at the end of all that works you find out that you don’t get a premiere pass to watch the film where Pappu can’t dance saala. Such monopoly wherever this Aamir Khan is. Pah. Took off all the passes for himself and gave to randoms like Rakhi Sawant and all. Such a waste. The only saving grace was that Superstar Rajnikanth, thalaiva himself was supposed to grace the event and didn’t make it. This is good because I would have died off if I didn’t get to see him. It’s funny how I get to meet all the idiots that everyone wants to meet and the special ones that I’m dying to meet never happen. Well one did – AR Rahman himself. Five years ago when I was a flunky on a film, I had to pick him up from the airport to the recording studio and we got stuck in a mother of a jam for almost 2 hours. He was a bit reticent at first and then when we established that I spoke Tamil, he wouldn’t stop talking. Oh and did he talk! He talked about his childhood, his move towards Islam, his love for Sufism, the state of political affairs, poverty, illiteracy, global warming, his new phone, his new album yada yada. and very happily killed time. Then when we got to the studio he very sweetly introduced me to Subhash Ghai who was lurking around shadily at the entrance and gave me the once over like I was some beggar girl and walked away.

Then simultaneously there was Love Story 2050 premiere in London which one jobless British friend of mine passed by. He said the crowd collected there was "larger than the number of people who come to collect their monthly giro". Whatever that is pa. So he also stood around it seems and saw “this smashing dusky girl. She looked soo much like Shilpa”. Tsk tsk. If piggy chops hears this she’ll die off no? Actually maybe they do look alike. No wonder the common ‘man’ betwixt them. Heh heh.

Oh and while we are talking about British boys and their bollywood trysts, there is very interesting story to yet another British boy. I will tell. Once when he was in India, he found himself on a film set in Film City waiting to meet an actress that was a family friend and he was asked to wait in one of the make up rooms. While he was twiddling his thumbs and occasionally playing around with the AC remote, the door opened and in walked a ‘gentleman’ and asked if boy could kindly get up from the chair as he had to get his make up done. Boy reluctantly obliged as he was getting quite comfortable but decided to hang around and chat up the gentleman. They chatted about the weather and the 4pm rain in London and how the skin on his back was peeling because of the extreme heat in Bombay. The gentleman sympathized. The gentleman even offered him a cup of “rather milky chai”. Once make up was done, the boy decided to walk out with the gentleman as they chatted. As they stepped out the gentleman was accosted by many members of the press. Many flashbulbs went off and the boy was quite blinded.

“Gosh you must be pretty famous” he went.

“Yeah sometimes” the gentleman said proudly.

“Ok I’ll be off then. Thanks for Chai. Oh, but what’s your name” the lad asked

You can call me Amitabh son” the gentleman said as he drifted into a sea of light.

Such a cool story no? I never tired of telling it to whoever we met when the lad was in India. And he never got how amazed everyone was that he’d met the Big B in such a non descript way.

When it comes to celebrities, chance meetings with them when they are in bloody good moods are the best. For there is nothing uglier than a celebrity in a closed room, with no media and no make up, discussing his signing amount with you. Really. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

AAha! Funtashtic thangachi.
And sending across blessings - may you meet the Thalaiva-of-thalaivas soon.
I think you will. You're lucky that way. :-)

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Dammit! Everyone meets the Big B but *me*.

But maybe that's a good thing. I don't think he'd be very impressed by incoherent babble frequently interspersed with the dumbstruck look.

No, I'm not at my best (or brightest) around celebrities. *sigh*

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

er......ok i did not say that handle thingy for u just overlaped from my msn ...blah blah blah ...and then some

Anonymous said...

you know what, i was jumping from blog to blog, and thats how i jumped on to your blog.
now i'm just jealous of you.
i love the i am in THE industry, i got premiere pass, i might meet rajni kant, i know who is doing what/who, i have seen de-celebritized celebrities, i love all of that.

i am so jealous.
as long as you don't write for some film magazine, that is

Coo said...

@ Sistah T - tanks tanks ma. im hoping and praying for the very same.

@Chronicus - hmm ive met him twice. but spoken to him only once, the first time when i was working on an ad film and i was walking towards him with the dialogue script in hand and tripped over the wires and landed at his feet and said "your script sir". "Are you ok?" he asked. I mumbled incoherently and ran off. blerggh.

@nidhi - hehe. no the first one isnt J.

@ anon - aiyo dont feel jealous child. the enrapturement lasts all of 5 seconds. Come ill take you to premiere shemiere.

mistercrowley said...

I've met the B too :) On a flight to Bombay...In the seat in front of mine. He looked haggard, and extremely bored with life, so I suppose he's normal. Oh, he snores pretty durn loud.

Coo said...

@crowley - lol. oooohhhh so lawyers travel first class ah? nice nice.

Ashanka Iddya said...

ditto feelings as anon there. Jealous of all you blase Im-in-the-industry types with all your fancy premier passes!

and oh I love rajni saar too. My aunt has a furniture shop, and all her carpenters took off from work the day Baba was released and I was the only one left to deliver sideboards to rich socialites in bangalore

People up north really don't get how BIG Rajni saar is down south

mistercrowley said...

Coo: Now and then, and then :)

Ashanka wossname: What you are saying, ma? Rajini is pretty huge up North (or maybe it's just me).

The Misinformed said...

I wonder what U do in the industry girly!


U are too much into rumour-mongering!

Being related closely with the industry I know how much crap goes around. But then u just can't put names to them like u have.


Have fun!

Being so brazen with the names of actors and their "acts" will not get you anywhere to becoming what u wanna be in the industry.

U should have kept their names wrapped in mystery.

By the way YOU have that writer's bug goin there.

Keep it up!

:) Cheers

Anonymous said...

fucking lawyers...

Coo said...

I was wondering why the anon said what they said until i went into misinformed's page. ah well dear misinformed, rumours are rumours. some true, some not at all. a blog is a private opinion. please match the two and voila you shall not feel misinformed anymore! :)

mistercrowley said...
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mistercrowley said...

Who's fucking lawyers? Wha?

R said...
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The Misinformed said...

I am glad you took my comment in the right spirit.

I came back anxious for more dope on the industry;-)

If you have read today's i.e.Friday's BOMBAY TIMES can you temme who is AKSHAY talking about.. That Dog who can't take heat?

Am damn curious...

Is it SRK? Is it Suniel Shetty? or is it Salman?

Update your blog!