Sunday, July 20, 2008

Set me up. Set me down.

When friends try to set you up, it’s a strange feeling. At once flattering, because it means they think you deserve not be single and at once mortifying because they usually lack the tact on how to go about it. This means you can be sitting having coffee and this ‘guy’ friend of your friend lands up, equally clueless, and your friend does the whole air kissing bit and while you are sitting sipping your glutinous concoction, your friend suddenly says “so Coo, my single friend, do you know that ABC here is also single!!” in that raised eyebrow hilarious way she usually gestures to you in when you’ll are actually across the room from each other and she wants you to check out some cute guy, without any allusion to the fact that the said cute guy in question is in this moment of time within spitting distance of you simultaneously choking on his watery brew just the second you start to.

Of course the guy and you seem to be pro’s at this situation and manage to dilute the situation well. You decide to play act and pretend like she doesn’t exist. You loudly announce that you think its time for her to leave and give them some privacy. He adds to it by visibly agreeing and even turning his chair towards you cutting her off. Thereby in one shot making it explicit to your common cupid that this is a tactless albeit comical situation. Mid laugh you even change the subject and the conversation veers into more comfortable avenues.

Post boy leaving, your friend apologizes and asks you sadly if your not interested at all?
You shrug aimlessly looking past her and muse that it’s started raining, thinking you wished you knew.


Anonymous said...

hahhahah..must say the coffee was fun but !!! now what to do i have decided to play cupid so i will try try till i succeed..and hey admit it he is cute ..dunno y u had to be so non chalant about his obvious cuteness and also please return the favour ..!!! at least "TRY" to set me up na!!!!

mistercrowley said...

Hurgh hurgh....and we are 16 since when? ;)

Divya said...

Hehehe thats funny.. the way u and the guy decided to play along :D

La vida Loca said...

hey is ur family ok after the blast in blore?

Coo said...

@ la vida loca - yes yes. thanks for asking!

@divya - :)

@ crowley - sigh. seriously dude this adolescent shite never ends.

@ my setter upper - you think he's cute. you're now single. voila!