Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes We Can't

After having finally installed a sitemeter on this blog, not so long ago, I have spent many hours simply staring in wonder at what far reaches of the world some of the readers are from. I mean there is someone in Ulaan Bator, in frikkin Mongolia who reads this. And then I feel all pressured to write something relevant and entertaining and as usual I have the most boring life at the moment and am grappling in the air for something vaguely write worthy. Maybe some bollywood gossip then? That keeps everyone entertained doesn’t it?

Did you know that the recession has hit bollywood so badly that corporates are actually re-negotiating deals with highly paid actors. 30 crores? No, here take 2. Can’t rent that villa in Malacca now can you? Poor dear. Can’t buy that great pair of loubitons now eh? Pity. Wont get laid by the wifey and mistress?!! Atleast you’re not getting laid off!

Yes I know this does not qualify as gossip. I’m damn sorry. But I’m in animation now for Christ’s sake. Neck deep in blendshapes and rigs and models. It’s simply not the same anymore.

Maybe if I told you that I follow the director of Chak De around the block as he takes his evening walk in seven bungalows everyday. Is that newsworthy? I mean I literally follow him because he is so entertaining on the road. He looks so lost and scared that I almost ran up to him to hold his hand as he was trying to cross the road today.

Even my personal gossip may not particularly enthrall you. I’ve gone a little underground. The last couple of times I went out I felt that familiar whine in my head. ‘I’m alone. What’s the point of being out here in this expensive pretty place, with this hot dress and all this make up on, if I’m here aloneee’. I hadn’t heard that whine in a long long time. And now that its back, time to creep back into my shell and come out only when it’s gone. When I’ll appreciate being with friends solely for their company and not for what the evening may bring or what it’s lacking.

Oh and I will be in Singapore this Christmas and New Year’s. My trusty site meter beeps on Singaland sometimes. And I promise not to be anti-social and whiny. In fact Whiny me shall have been banished by then. So I would love zee company, so plezz to be meeting me dear Singapore peoples. Oktatabyebye.


Akka said...

Thangachi! Very fabulous post di! I was ROTFL if you get mah drift. Thank heavens cartoons don't have recession-affected shenanigans no?

As for your travel plans, get off thy sexy butt and get that Visa going pliss.

Anonymous said...

i know that whiny feeling too! been feeling it all the time these days..

Anonymous said...

'tis ok if you don't write gossip or anythng interesting. It reminds me of times when I'd just call my best friend just to tell her I was bored out of my mind. In fact, in this far away land, with no real friends, I consider your blog a blessing in all it's forms.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have very little tolerance for my own grammatical errors. It should read ".....I consider your blog a blessing in all its forms". I'm such a dork.

Blackfayth said...

came across your blog while randomly surfing... had a few good laughs :) you write well.
s'funny coincidence... i'm in Singaling too for Christmas & NYs.


Coo said...

aww! no singapooru invites only. sneef.

Anonymous said...

Heh anything bollywood related is always interesting!

Is the next film by the Chak De director the one with Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor?

I don't know why but i actually thought the industry would not really be affected by the recession, i mean they do rake alot of moolah in! Sigh, if only the recession meant missing the villa and designer bags and shoes for us all hey!