Monday, December 1, 2008

I simply have no words to describe the carnage my city has just been through.

All I know is that I’m sleepless and scared.

And that yesterday when there was some carpentry work going on in our building, the hammering echoing in the top floor of the building which normally even the most sound sensitive person would have begrudgingly slept through, brought out scared residents of not only my building but 3 surrounding buildings because it vaguely sounded like gun shots.

No, we shouldn’t have to live like this.


La vida Loca said...

no you dont :(
I am happy to *see* you

Coo said...

aww danks danks :)

La vida loca (too lazy to sing in) said...

i am bored...looked at ur archives realized that ur bday is around the corner...yay!!
happy bday! *cough* old woman *cough*

Coo said...

eek yes, the birthdays is coming up. sheesh. so much for gloating last year abt being 25!

Jagjit said...

Do we have a choice? I mean after all those protests, blogs and resignations, is it going to change drastically? Seems distant, if not impossible. :|

Jagjit said...

btw, i c ur birthday is coming. best wishes in advance...:)