Friday, January 30, 2009


Firstly, the Ex - Men in my life have been driving me a little mental. Two have sent emails which apparently look like generic ones, you know, they start with ‘Hello All’ and go on to give changed email Id’s and numbers and some pc type bull. BUT, But! Common friends, who should also have got these emails have not received anything. Means what? Means what??!! Especially since there was very vocal mandate to be followed post break ups of no calling, no texting, no mailing, please fuck the hell off between us.

Means so they genuinely want to inform of changed email id? (first of all who changes their email id after like high school??) OR it is ruse to see if I mail them?? What on earth could it mean I wondered all day, till a male friend deduced that ‘Chumma they are sending to mind fuck’. Err. Ya, thanks pa. Very elementary Holmes.

Then yesterday, I find out that this boy that had a crush on me is suddenly seeing someone else. Till like just one week back, the said boy was most flirty and even mushy.
Everyone said “he likes you ya…a lot”
Everyone said I better decide if I liked him back.

Then suddenly yesterday Everyone said “Oh sorry ya, he’s with girlfriend”

Like before I could even change my line of approach, smile back maybe, not wack him on the back of his head maybe, look intensely, look away and look back intensely (that great woman gaze trick) maybe… he’s with Girlfriend!

First of all, aforementioned boy was classified nerd and apparently even they are faster than me, second of all, I never thought I was slow on the uptake on such matters. It has come as rude shock.

The only good thing about all this is the fact that I think I’m finally attracting the right kind of men. Decent, Normal, Full time Employed, Good Family type men.

After spending my early twenties attracting absolute assholes, the more assholic the better, suddenly I am in Sita Central.

But, how do I explain that when you’ve spent most of your twenties being pursued by ridiculously libidinous men who simply did not take no for an answer, and actually were of the ‘no’ means ‘yes’ morse code, where it basically felt like being cave woman and being pulled into yonder bramble bush for a tumble, no questions asked, all this sudden having to say the right thing, having to give very clear ‘I’m interested’ signals, is all very tiresome.

I somehow escaped the whole ‘game-playing’ business that most relationships are heir to, simply by virtue of being in the film – industry, where all it took was a long tired day and some large vodka’s at the end of it to get things going. You lasted till the film lasted. Period. Some are still great friends and some apparently send you confusing emails!

But Corporate life has dulled me. Made me an effectual flirt and simply slow. Men who actually like me, I’m reading as frandships. Men who are only trying to be friends or maybe who dig my female friends and are routing it through me, I am reading as being interested in me. Such 9th standard dilemma’s I haven’t experienced since ummm, lets see… 9th standard.


leela said...
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Leela said...

Totally agree! Very nicely put together!

Mister Crowley said...

So, basically, you now attract the thairsaadam-eating, sunday-veshti-wearing sort of men eh? Tsk....

And LOL @ Sita Central...

Sibling said...

One more minus point of these MENtals - they seem to have an adverse effect on your writing.

But good to know the right kind are in your vicinity. Thair saadam's very tasty and the veshti's very sexy. Take heart!

Chronicus Skepticus said...

GAWD the ex-men and their mails (or in my case, texts)!

Bleddy nonsense, I tell you.

I wish I had male friends like yours though. All mine have been going, "but, but...think about the poor guy!"

Joozlass male friends I have.

Coo said...

@ Leela - tanks tanks!
@ Crowley - haha look at my sis defending our ilk. sadness i say. but sadly true.
@ Sibling - i only want a white man now. i'm becoming anglophile (again).
@ CS - how uncanny that i've been reading your archives all this week and find your comment here!

Pinochyo said...

Ahh...That should teach you not to chase the nerdy ones...:-p

free driving lessons said...

i'll make you can offer you cant refuse, if you can arrange a car, i can teach you to drive, for free! obviously my altruism is tainted with self interest, but im in awe of you, i havent a choice.

Anonymous said...

I hate when the ex-mentals try to add you on fb! HAH! so when I blasted one off for even trying I get the lame tech excuse "it was a mistake..i dont know when and how it happpened" and then the wierdly wierd "dont throw stones when your in a glass house" huh what does that even mean in such context?bonkers...all bloody mad mind fuck for sureee....

Coo said...
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Coo said...

@ Pinochyo - Listen smarty, be nice, be very nice or no premiere passes for you

@ Free Lessons - Ok firstly it took me a second read to realise it wasnt a spam advert! What a sweet you are i say! But sadly i have no car access, if some sibling types had generously left me their 1967 vintage volkswagon when they upped and left, i might have had one, but no. And why the Awe kind sir, thou writtist better than i do!!

@Anon - Ah yes! the fb add! I simply put them on very limited profile, means no wall, no pictures, no nothing. mwuahahaha

Anonymous said...

that was a spam advert alright, but it was cute, no car? well that's not an immediate disqualification, maybe i can teach you how to write better or perhaps i can save you from your 9th std dilemmas and help you graduate to a new level, where there is no room for confusion.
email me at
free lessons(generic and open ended i like)

Anonymous said...

Spam or not,whomsoever volunteers to teach this woman how to drive should be aware of its consequences!I have the scares to last me a freaking lifetime..:) tsk tsk!

Mister Crowley said...

Yes, I did notice the sibling-type person coming to your rescue :P Wish I could agree with her, but though I quite like saadam, the thair bit we is allergic to. Also, somehow, veshti and sexy somehow don't equate in this north-indian lawyer brain of mine ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah...William Ive-Got-Painful-Stories-to-tell-in-wordpress Wordsworth seems to have taken a fancy to our friend Coo..

I tell you...Green cocktail sipping men..Poets...Swinging Women..what has this world come to?

shesturningblue said...

:) love the title

Chronicus Skepticus said...

@Coo: Oh gosh, you have?

Y'know, it's been 3 years and I *still* squirm every time someone mentions that blog.

It's like my very-poorly-kept-shameful-secret.

I love yours, btw. Your blog, I mean. Not your poorly-kept-shameful-secret. Not that you have any of those, I'm sure.