Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is the End. My only friend, the End.

I was home last week and it was the end of a lot of things.

Firstly, the end of Singledom. Before you get excited or err.. maybe not excited, it wasn’t the end of my singledom but of my dearest Jemima’s, who got married on the 23rd of April. I marked that it was Dev Patel’s birthday as I was carrying her trail down the stairs of her house and everyone glared at me disapprovingly. Oh well.

So Jemima, who when we were four years old, used to carry me on her hip after school while I cried for my mum to pick me up, Jemima, who has always been the constant in my life all these 23-24 years, carrying all my secrets (and my neurosis) and well, more pleasurably for her, my bollywood gossip as well, was carried away into the proverbial sunset by a man who loves her. Sigh.

It was also the end of childhood memorabilia, as the house that I grew up in was torn down. I walked through every empty room and noticed every crack and every nook and wondered a hundred times if we were doing the right thing. Of course, we are rebuilding, but it will never be quite the same. Not to mention how we’ve thrown away practically everything in the house because we didn’t know what to do with it. No books, no music, no portraits, no same furniture even the next time round. The past is lost I say. Sob.

Finally, it was apparently the end of what one might call casual sex. I went to Bangalore realizing I could very well put to an end a rather er…long period of celibacy. There were not one, but two options. A) Assholic Ex and B) Undefined Ex. Both men were a phone call and no explanations away, but I simply didn’t pick up the phone. And funnily, I don’t regret it. Maybe it was all the coupling happening around me, maybe it was Jemima’s awesome wedding, or maybe it was simply something I’d told myself not to ever do again a long time ago.

In other news, people’s pliss be seeing new templates, courtesy the very enterprising and dashing Crowley. (who I had to again ask how to link his name etc), so this honorable blog menshun is a little wasted. But what the hey, Thanks Pirate! I louses it.


FirstFloorMan said...

Nicely done! Much like the banner! Alluring !

Mister Crowley said...

You're welcome, pigeon. Glad to help ;)

La vida Loca said...

oooohh nice it is template.

Guess you are finally growing up eh? The world of old hags welcomes you.

Sirop said...

The template is wonderful! :)

Congratulations to Jemima..!

I miss my old house too... very awww-ed

alwayshappykya said...

Me louses it too ! Nice work.

The name of the post got me worried..what end?

Did you think it need not be called the 'end' but the 'beginning' of all things new and exciting? :)

The Chasing Iamb said...

gorgeous template. But do you really need that arrived from thingy on your sidebar?

I should really start blogging said...

was the heading of the post ominous?

Coo said...

@FFM - person commenting below you is correct recipient of praise :)
@Crowley - thanks da maccha again
@LVV - This growing up is not so much fun what with the forced celibacy and all :(
@Sirop - thanks thanks
@AHK - yeah actually it was the beginning init? but very 'the way we were' for me :(
@chasing lamb - that was the only widget that loaded itself fastly. the others were too convoluted :) plus im liking this knowing where ppls come from..
@ISRSB - haha, no man just blocked temporarily. shall resume soonly

chitgo said...

eh ! update I say.

shahnaz said...

Woman..........R u gonna update or wot??? Don't let this wunnerful template go waste!

Write something already!

I should really start blogging said...

seriously, what's with not posting after getting the new look? dude... i used to cherish reading your blog...

alwayshappykya said...

No updates for very long now.

How's you doing lady?

Coo said...

i shall be back soon!