Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maa Ka Pyaar (Part Deux)

For some strange reason, I’ve always thought my mother was cool. And the reason why this is strange is because she is actually NOT remotely cool. NOT. Not. When will I understand that?

The problem is that I can’t keep secrets. I’m horrible with them. I have to get it out of my system. At least to my sister or mother. I choose between both the devils. My sister gets all the censored details, my mother gets the “Ya Amma, there’s one boy, he’s ok, we had lunch etc” type details. And she’s usually so avant garde and cool with it, I assumed she was generally cool. But this time I chose wrong. Telling your mother that you and your boyfriend are taking a vacation to Goa is NOT ok. Because it only means you’ll end up NOT going. Not going because a) the sweet denial your mother is in of thinking that you and him are only holding hands and playing carom is broken b) your mother thinks that his mother will think you are a loose character c) it could lead to more suspicion and broken belief when both mothers slowly realize that when we say “he’s staying at his best friends place in Pali hill”, we ARE indeed lying. Sigh.

Then I thought back to that time when AFTER my sister was engaged, my mother made me tag along for the lone dinner opportunity my poor Brother In Law had one night, and then a storm broke loose and we had to stay over at BIL’s pad and mum called feverishly on my phone every hour to make sure that my sis was sleeping with me in the guest room and NOT with BIL. AND I lied so sweetly on her behalf, even assuring mum when we came home that Sis and BIL had been on utmost decent behavior, when infact I was subjected to sooooo much goddamn PDA and closed room activities at so young and impressionable an age…hmph.

You’d think she’d do the same for me? It’s payback time Akka!


Sirop. said...

Ouch! HowcanyounotgotoGoa?!?

La vida Loca said...

hummpppp!! mothers!!

Mister Crowley said...

How about holding hands and playing rock-paper-scissors?

Pinochyo said...

You must check my mother out...She had this stunned expression on her face when the light-o-love walked into my house and marched to the fridge to drink water in that way which only the most familiar do:-p

Her partly comment at the airport in that trip was " xx coming for dinner and then staying over coz its too late for her to go back WONT be appreciated"..

Coo said...

@ Sirop - erm yeah, thats how the cookie crumbles :(

@LVV - you can say that again!

@MC Hammer - that also maybe contentious for my mother i think..

@Banker Uncal (:P) - but that is solpa brazen behaviour for mummies to digest, methinks

Morpheus said...

Mothers I tell you, endless brain food they provide us..in many different ways.
nice blog going on here..