Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maa Ka Pyaar

It’s one thing to claim to have a sea facing apartment and quite another when in truth your apartment faces the non-seafacing side and is on the goddamn ground floor. Then on days when you have to take permission from snobby top floor residents to access the terrace to do your internet cabling, you discover this orgasmically awesome view of the wide open grey sea with streaks of pure turquoise and you feel rather frustrated. Especially on particularly stormy nights like last night when you can hear the sea rolling and rumbling and threatening to tidal wave and destroy your little link road haven and there’s no visual of it to be absolutely sure. And then there are days when you want to take the boyfriend for a romantic little stroll on the deserted part of Versova beach and instead see a gimungous crowd of cops and fire brigade personnel trying to find 3 dead bodies on the beach. Far from romantic. Made more morbid by boyfriends fascination to want to take pictures of crying multitude of relatives collected on the beach and hopefulness on his face to catch a glimpse of dead body being dragged out of sea.

They’re saying that there’s going to replay of 26th July 2005 this weekend. Solar eclipse side effects apparently. But I’m not worried because my mother called last night before the eclipse to warn me.

“Don’t look at the sky all day, don’t leave the house even, stay in bed and read a book”

“But Amma, I have a major meeting at work tomorrow, I can’t bunk ya, what is this superstitious nonsense”

“Oh ok… ok… don’t worry, solar eclipse will only affect bad people. Bad things will happen only to bad people, so you go to office ok, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you”


How can you worry with logic like that? Really.


Mister Crowley said...

"Bad things happen to bad people" suppose snobby top floor residents are dead?

Honey said...

"Labo.n pe uske kabhi baddua nahi hoti....

Bas ek 'Maa' hai, jo mujhse kabhi kh.afaa nahi hoti"

God Bless u...

(subtle reminder: SRK's 'aayat')

alwayshappykya said...


I had both my MIL and then my mom call up to 'warn' me against going out that day..took me some time explaining that the eclipse is not visible from the US.

They still wanted me to avoid looking at the sky anyway :P