Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Of disappearances and other occurences

Thought I died ah? My god, it’s been ages. Not only haven’t I posted. I actually haven’t typed anything longer than a short sentence. There have been a combination of factors of course. From too much choice in topics (which is never a good thing in life itself I’ve realized), to actually completely forgetting I had a blog, to realizing that its damn fucking tough to write anything remotely read worthy when you’re happy. Damn you happiness. Where is my beloved pathos? Nothing wakes the writer faster than a good hot cup of angst.

Why am I so happy; you might ask next. Well on a blog that has whined about singledom and sexlessness, or better yet, ‘sex pining’ as the boyfriends some random friend wonderfully described it. What do you think? So yes, singledom has been banished. Hopefully forever, provided boyfriends kindly grandmother accedes to the wedding after I failed her ‘Kya aap Tyagarajan music festival ke bare main sune hain?’

“Umm sorry nahin”

“Accha?Par.. Par aap toh south se hain…kaise sune nahin?” she said rather disappointed while someone else gratefully changed the topic.

While most of my time has evidently passed in what can only be described as a whirlwind romance, on the work front I’ve started to feel that old familiar blood boil of complacency. The multiplex strike did more than just transform our world into a financial cul de sac, it’s made everyone rather lack luster. Most of us turned to American television for a fix though and came up with some real quality entertainment. The last two months have been a blur of insomnia ridden half hour after half hour nonstop, don’t touch the remote, just press Play All, watching sprees. State of Play, Firefly, Serenity, Californication, The Wire, The Fringe and How I Met your Mother of course. If it wasn’t for a bunch of truly awesome colleagues, I would have moved/quit ages ago. But we all kinda bonded in our empty corporacy and common love for U-Torrent and life hasn’t seemed quite so bad after all. 


Mister Crowley said...

Kya aap rock ya pop mein ruchi rakhti hain? ;)

La vida Loca said...

big huge hugs!!
How u met him?

alwayshappykya said...

You just said you GOT MARRIED!! And said it as casually as you had a banana split sundae or something!!


So very happy for you.Tell us more no?

How, where, when, who ? :D

Coo said...

@MC - haan! rakhte hain!
@LVV - tanks tanks! we met through the innernet :P.
@AHK - hahah Behna mere, aap ne thik se nahin pada (im brushing up on my hindi as you can see), I met his parents is all, shaadi vaadi ka planning abhi baaki hai, picture abhi baaki hai meri jaan..

Pinochyo said...

Welcome to Blogger.com.

Here you shalt find thine joy, thine misery and thine partner.

Surf long, and Prosper,

The Innernet.

fishbowl said...


La vida Loca said...

ok...but pliss to be telling full story.

chitgo said...

yay! welcome back ;) missed you . new love interest? double yay. and you're already talking to bfs grandmom? when's the 'W' i say?