Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Same Person

At a house party sort of set up a couple of nights ago, a bunch of us got into a rather odd discussion about the recently deceased king of pop MJ. It started innocently enough with, “Dude, they haven’t buried him yet” and then went into another realm slowly. Don’t hate the criminal, hate the crime. Balance the good out with the bad. Don’t criminalise him just because he was in the public eye, we aren’t even sure if he actually was a pedophile or not, he had a bad childhood and a crazy life therefore I don’t blame him. As you could see, it was a room full of MJ supporters. Then suddenly someone started comparing him to Mozart and we realized MJ was Mozart reborn. Think about it, child prodigy, musical genius, bit mental, liked small boys. Same person.

Of course, it’s not like we were the first people to think of the similarities, as I googled and found hajaar others. But I will present to you the most awesome link from them. It is beyond comprehension. Quite literally. Enjoy


Mister Crowley said...
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Mister Crowley said...

I'm also showing important abilities in penalization at a rattling primeval age. :P

I came, I haw, I Jacksoned ;)

kedar said...

poor fellow will suddenly see a spike in traffic and he'll assume that people finally dig him. damn!

h said...

That was like a roller coaster running around in my brain!