Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work Shirk

I’ve realized over the years, that nothing can quite get me down and depressed than work related angst. After my first ever ‘louwe failure’ as they call it lovingly in the south, I’ve really never suffered the pathos and general sense of doom that breakups are heir to. I’ve felt listless for maybe a week and then brushed it off rather fatalistically. But if I’ve even had a lull week at work or a bad week at work, or godforbid, no job (which has never happened till now), I can turn my world upside down and be rather neurotic. It’s the paralysis of the very middleclass. I cannot stand even thinking of a period of uncertainty employment wise. So when I’m presented with the rather daunting task of shifting base to another city itself where a) I will have to change career track entirely b) succumb to making less than half of what I currently make and c) wonder if I’ll get a job even, I’m putting everyone I know concerned with this move under some palpable stress along with me.

The worst is when suddenly there like hajaar new things popping up in Bombay. Each one offering more money, each one with its sense of novelty. Then I take a step back and look at my comfortable little life right now, with my west to east 15 minutes travel time, my bunch of inimitable colleagues, the glamour struckness aquaintances show you when you drop your companies name, and I wonder why I’m thinking of moving. Maybe I should just wait it out here till the wedding and the inevitable move to North of India? Ill have the satisfaction of having finished two whole years in one company, which is something I haven’t managed to do in 6 years of employment. Or should I quit and move to one of the 2 -3 new opportunities that have cropped up, even if its just for the next 6 – 8 months, but which are far more lucrative? What? Say? Money or Monotony?

Also suddenly I’m blogging a lot. Which is strange.


Mister Crowley said...

ooooor, you could move to, say, Singapore..once all the pigs have flown away, of course :P

La vida Loca said...

monotony...just beacuse only 6-8 months in a new job does not look good I am thinking.

so we wont hear about how lovu happened?

alwayshappykya said...

Oh, so you moving north after shaadi?
Which part, may I ask?

As for the job, stick with the monotony if it's the matter of just few months no.That way you'll be able to give good time preparing for the wedding and enjoy the bliss peacefully :D

I should really start blogging said...

nono u must go to new job... and feel totally disoriented... so, u can be neurotic all day and ur boyfriend is compelled to give you all the attention possible...

Coo said...

@MC - my family has swine flu! and you're making the jokes! :-Z

@LVV - Lovu istory? how to tells like that, shy is coming. Boy hounds girl on FB, boy then physically stalks girl, they sing one song in blue frog around the sound console box, girl relents, they plan to get married :P

@AHK - suddenly monotony might mean unemployment after 2-3 months by the looks of it, they are downsizing like mad hereabouts. Better to leave with dignity and an offer in hand i'm thinking..

@ISRSB - haha! sounds like a plan :)

Pinochyo said...

Ah..Quit. Quit. Make more things your spineless friends almost did and then retracted from.