Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prayers Pliss

I clearly wasn’t lying when I said I’d post everyday from Thailand. Lying to myself that is. Of course I knew I’d end up posting like 2 months later. I like being true to myself like that.

Sooo, whatall happened since then I can’t even begin to remember, but some two odd months later I can certainly tell you where I am. I’m very much in Bombay, but have been in bed the last 3 odd weeks with a slip disc. Yes, very sad. Don’t worry, it only gets worse. Soo much kann everyone put off for my Thailand trip that I had one hell of a horrid time.

First I had to celebrate my birthday alone in a very pretty hotel room, the prettiness of which I couldn’t even begin to bother about because I came down with bleeding (pardon the pun) UTI. Two more days of trying to hold my pee in, especially while on rocky boats out at sea for 2-3 hours at a stretch and I was ready to call it quits. Clearly like my mum says, us middle class people will never be able to reap the benefits of anything that comes free. And a free trip! Imagine the years of Brahmin punyam I’ve ended up obliterating in one damn week!

Then somewhere during my 101 bathroom excursions per day, my back started hurting like crazy. (whoever has that voodoo doll of me with the pin stuck in the spinal cord, pleassse remove it, I’ll give you whatever you want!). I was stuck somewhere in gorgeous Krabi. When I could take the myriad assorted types of pain no more I decided to take the shortest flight to the safest place – Singapore (literally a 40 min cheap and best flight, I was pleased to note)

I was kinda feeling ok at the end of 3 days deep rest in Singa, when I went and lost my phone in a cab. And this was not ‘any’ phone. This was a brand new Sony Aino my dear boy had birthday gifted me. Plus it had about 200 pictures of some of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen. (Again my mother quipped in “Ayyo Ramachandra! See that’s why don’t accept gifts I say! More free things! ”)

The boy was very sweet and forgave me instantly (I hope). I also just realized that one of the women who was with me on the trip borrowed my very cool trenchcoat and cooling glasses and she still hasn’t returned them. I’m going to count that as bad karma for her.

The following week, which was essentially new years time, the boy and me were to go to Singapore again. This was his official ‘meet my fockers’ trip. Again I was ill with the flu this time. In Singa, I was quarantined to a bedroom (so as not to pass it on to my sis’s baby) and literally got out of the house only the last 2 days. Poor boy was understandably horribly bored.

Desperate to get back to Bombay, because work shit was hitting the fan, that first week of Jan was a blur of film release related madness (all waste because our release was postponed) (again bad luck!). Sometime that weekend, the pain in my back was almost intolerable and one fine day I simply bent to pick up something and my back broke. One long harrowing evening in the emergency room + one dynapar injection later I was in bed, where I have remained ever thus (until now)!

I can regale you with horror stories of the cave in Thailand where I thought I was pretty much going to die drowning, or tales of my life threatening MRI experience, or what about long nights editing now with a not really recovered back, but you get the picture.

Prayers pliss.

P.S - Kindly note my joining of Twitter, something i realised existed just about 3 weeks back. Yes, I do live under a rock.


fishbowl said...

Gah! Awfulness
straight out of a bad movie where
everything goes wrong.
cheer up soon love
and prayers!

Mister Crowley said...

Aino, Youknow, everybodyknow

Coo said...

@fishbowl - sniff. thanks pa.
@Mister Crowley - wow, ur back! where on earth were you?

alwayshappykya said...

Ayyo paavam :(

Promise, I didn't put off any kann on your trip..was in fact just happy for you.

Anyways, now take rest ( as if you need to hear this more)..and get up all fine and springy, k?

Take care.

Pinochyo said...

Old Jungle Wisdom- When you get boy who gives you Aino and then no grief when you lose it..Marry him!!

I wouldve prolly jumped on your back till it was hopelessly damaged...

Samuel Lelievre said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to thank you for the 'merde': as a Frenchman, I found it nice to know it can also be used in English that was, that is through quite creative way.
All best.

chitgo said...