Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Happened since I last blogged

1) I forgot my username and password to this blog and have taken an hour of permutations and combinations and answering "whats your secret question" to finally log in.

2) I got married!

3) I married a fellow blogger!

4) I hate my job. But can't bring myself to quit.

5) I went to London. Twice!

6) I've decided I will live in London for the rest of my life. My husband dosent know this. Yet.

7) I'm still feeling like I bit into something pulipu when i say 'my husband'

8) I lived in with the man for 8 months before we married. Best. Decision. Ever. That way we finished our 'first year is the worst year of marriage' phase before we got married.

9) I lost 5 kgs and put on 5 kgs about 7 times

10) Two of my friends are getting divorced, one already divorced friend remarried and one that married last year is already pregnant

11) This married world is VERY different from that unmarried world. I was not expecting this.

12) My shopping disorder has magically cured itself. They say acne also clears once marriage happens. Still waiting for that miracle.


The Footloose Doll said...

Congratulations :)
And I'm glad I didn't remove your blog from my blogroll.

La vida Loca said...

Congrats Lady!

Welcome back. I missed you!

30in2005 said...

I am so glad you are back!!! Congrats on the wedding. Just out of curiosity re pt.3. Did you marry someone who also blogs or someone you met through your blog?

And re Pt.5 (next time we should meet?) & 6 - Yay! But I warn you it is very very depressingly cold in winter.

Don't stop writing!!!!

Coo said...

@Footloose doll - Thanks. Dont know how regular i'll be but im hoping i'll continue to write :)
@LVV - :D
@30in2005 - I met him thru the blog! He was my stalker hahaha (though he will disagree fervently :) )

Perakath said...

Hurrah for feed readers!

Chrysalis said... what's up with your twitter account?

Honey said...

Heres wishing you 'eternal marital bliss'

very happy for u.

God Bless.

Bharti said...

guess i never commented before but i'd read many archives long back and kept coming back intermittently, very pleasantly surprised to see a post after SO LONG! congrats on the wedding....oh its a different world alright, the ride is just getting started! but please please keep writing!

Monika said...

Please also to be sharing link to the husband's blog:)Thx

Chandni said...

And we never got to meet because the fellow blogger you married was too busy while I was in Bombay. meh.

Many many congratulations! Wishing you guys the world :)

Pringle Man said...

I was missing your posts, because although infrequent, it's never been this long.

No chance of a link to the husband?