Saturday, August 6, 2011

I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with my umbrella. Not a vulgar one. Just the sort of obsession where I don't let it out of my sight until we are safe at home. Mostly it has to do with my ability to lose umbrellas on whim. One auto ride and poof its gone. Most times I don't even remember where I leave them. But not this one. It's Majestic. Large, black and yellow striped, with football club logos on it. The Handle is thick black foam with Metal endings. The top is so sharp and deliciously pointy that I can wear the shortest skirts in autos and not care about being teased. One threatening pointy jibe from my Umbrella is all it takes to scare anyone away. It makes me feel 'rich' and 'hep'. Like the first time in school your parents finally caved in and bought you a Bensia pencil over bloody Nataraj.

The husband, feeling rejected and behind in the race has now also gone and bought an umbrella in a bid to rival mine. His is Grey and Black striped, and just as large. The handle is hard, opaque plastic. It's also from some premium store in some premium mall, while mine is from Shoppers stop. Its also about Rs 200 more than mine.

What he doesn't realize is that, when its folded up, the Grey edges of the umbrella, ruffle up to meet the transparent handle and it all adds to up to looking very...pretty.


Curry Spice said...

Hi - Im a friend's friend. They told me about your blog a while back. Today I opened it and could not stop reading. Nicely written- all of it. Keep on blogging. Im sure its not that dull.

mem said...

Hi I used to love your blog. I still do(but only just realised this blog is still alive).I dont think I ever commented though.

Most blogs I used to read are dead now.

I used to love these quizzes you used to have- semi gossipy ones.